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In the last year or so, an avalanche of books — including Chang-Rae Lee's On Such a Full Sea , Monica Byrne's The Girl in the Road , Emily St. John Mandel's Station Eleven , Sandra Newman's The Country of Ice Cream Star , Kenneth Calhoun's Black Moon , Laura van den Berg's Find Me , Benjamin Percy's The Dead Lands , Adam Sternbergh's Shovel Ready , Lev AC Rosen's Depth and Jeffrey Rotter's The Only Words That Are Worth Remembering — have probed what it means to be a survivor after some form of collapse or cataclysm has ravaged the world. It's like the movie Groundhog Day , only with the apocalypse happening over and over, often with slight variations. These books are being written by the truckload, and some of them are even being read — but with this level of saturation, does post-apocalyptic fiction have a future?

While 32-bit iPhones have been removed from the compatibility list, every other device that could run iOS 10 can run iOS 11 as well. This is great news for anyone with any 64-bit Apple mobile device who is interested in upgrading to iOS 11 in order to enjoy all of its benefits and great new features.

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